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When can we sit at home and taste the freshest fruits all over the country at any time without worrying about our trip being hindered by bad weather?

When can we get the products purchased on the Internet and thousands of miles away from us without waiting for ten days or even half a month?

The high-speed EMU dedicated to express delivery is coming, and all these dreams will come true.

Compared with the high cost of air transport and the low efficiency of motor transport, the freight EMU with the speed higher than 250 km/h developed by CRRC will become the first choice for future freight transport with its safe, economical, reliable, efficient, and quality service.

The freight EMU with the speed higher than 250 km/h is developed on the basis of a mature and reliable Chinese EMU product platform. The technical schemes for the main key systems such as car body, brake, bogie, traction, and high voltage basically remain unchanged; adaptability improvement is made mainly according to the characteristics of fast freight transportation. The maximum operating speed of the EMU can reach 350 km/h and is less affected by environmental factors. No matter how the environment changes, the operating range of the EMU will reach 1500 km within 5 hours.

The faster and faster logistics has caused essential change of railway goods. Besides fresh fruits and vegetables as well as express parcels, precious jewelry, high-grade digital products, and medical supplies can also start the "on-the-way" mode. Is it safe for my express parcels, these high value added goods, to be transported in this way? Don't worry, your express parcels are enjoying a full set of VIP customized services.

CRRC has made great efforts especially in the safety and intelligence of freight EMU. Through the development of intelligent loading and unloading facilities for the EMU, the needs for integrated transportation of railways, highways and air transport can be satisfied. All compartments of the freight EMU can be fully open; one side of the compartment can be opened in great width, the forklift can load and unload goods directly, and the new standard container unit technology is used for containerized loading and unloading, turnover, transportation, and fixing. After the implementation of containerized loading and unloading, the labor input will be greatly reduced, which is also a key link for reducing the transportation time besides speeding-up. At the same time, the freight EMU adopts the virtual assembly and in-transit management system, and each container has its own fixed position on the EMU, so that the transportation personnel can accurately inspect the state information of all the containers on the vehicle in the escort room to ensure the safety and reliability of the whole process of freight transportation.

The freight EMU with the speed higher than 250 km/h will fill the gap in the technical field of high-speed freight EMUs in China, a railway express freight network will be formed gradually, a comprehensive transport integration platform with railways as the backbone will be established, and customers will be provided with the full chain service value of door-to-door logistics distribution, so as to benefit more consumers. This is also an important measure to conform to the progress of the times, increase the railway's share in the express transportation market and enhance the railway's core competitiveness.

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