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The new power concentrated EMU with a higher speed was unveiled in Zhuzhou. As the fastest EMU under research and development at present by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd., the EMU can reach 300 km/h.

The EMU unveiled has “Chinese dragon” style painting on its body, with the red color as the background color, reflecting the speedy-feeling of the EMU. The operating speed of the EMU is 280km/h; the maximum test speed is 308km/h. The train is configured with 2 first-class seat cars, 5 second-class seat cars, 1 dining car, and 1 second-class seat car with disabled toilets. Its seating capacity is 537 persons and its length is 265 m.

The EMU is designed in accordance with the European Railway Standard TSI. TSI is the technical specifications for interconnection in Europe. EMU products oriented to the European market must meet this standard. It is worth noting that the driver’s cab and power system of the EMU are all arranged in the head of the train. This design makes the car formation of the EMU more flexible than the existing power-distributed EMUs which have power sources in multiple cars.

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